• Four Special Trophy Competitions are available to all Grade Dancers
  • All Reel Grade Comps awards will take place at Podium 
  • All First place winners of the Reel Trophy Special Comps will receive a Sash
  • Tom Blake Perpetual Cup Champ U17
  • Colleen Blake Hendrix Memorial Senior
    Championship Dance-Off 

Special Competitions


​​We strive to offer a friendly, safe and healthy atmosphere for the Competitors, Audience, Adjudicators and Musicians.  We arrange our competition in such a way we think the Art of Irish Dance and competitive Irish Dance can thrive.  Our venue offers a chance to build experience on a raised stage for all levels.  Multiple Grade Specials offer Grades Dancers a chance to perform more often on the day of the Feis.   

Our Cuchulain Trophies teach historical Irish Legend, our medals offer a short story of the hisotry of Cuchulain, and our Adjudicators and Musicians are world-renowned.

We hope you enjoy our 44th!! year of The Greater Toronto Feis (formerly Etobicoke Feis).


  • All Prelim/Champ comps will take place on raised stage - One Auditorium & One Nationals-like stage
  • First, Second & Third place Champ is awarded a Cuchulain replica Perpetual Trophy 
  • Sashes for the Top Five Prelim & Champ
  • Beautiful Cups for Prelim top 3
  • Remaining medal holders receive Cuchulain Legend medal
  • A three round result will be presented to the Prelim Comps in addition to the regular competition result - regular comp and set comp combined
  • All Day Tea Room with IRISH breakfast, sandwiches, baked goods, Tea & Tim Hortons Coffee
  • BBQ with sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs & pulled pork beginning at 11:30.
  • Salad also available from Tea Room
  • All Beginners will receive a medal in the reel competition

Preliminary & Championships


​Our Vision 

Greater Toronto feis